Welcome to Smile Restore Dentistry!

In this season of giving, we’re reaching out to our community for support. We are SmileRestore and our mission is to help children whose parents cannot afford to take them to the dentist, seniors who have no dental coverage under Medicare, and all those who have dental care needs.

Our non- profit 501c3 clinic was founded in 2014 by Dr. Georgene Chase, MPH, DDS, a practitioner of vast experience and uncompromising standards, who has handled the most delicate and challenging of dental procedures. Dr. Chase’s recent work has ranged from fillings and root canals to implants, bridges, and dentures… all at rates that are more affordable to a community in need.

As you may already realize, staffing and purchasing supplies and equipment for a dental office isn’t an easy task. We need everything from paper towels to a modern X-ray machine. We have to ask so we can continue to offer the low dental rates that we are known for. If you are part of, or know of, an organization that regularly makes holiday contributions, please consider making a contribution to the only dental office of its kind: SmileRestore. If not, please help us spread the word. The next person we help could be your child’s classmate or your neighbor’s grandmother.

Please contact our office and speak with Tauni or Nicole if you can make a donation. They both can tell you the supplies we need THIS week. And remember… all donations are tax deductible and we will provide you with the appropriate receipt by return mail.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.